26 August 2009


PHOTO taken at the US Capitol during the funeral of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 2009 
The more our feelings diverge, the more deeply felt they are, the greater is our obligation to grant the sincerity and essential decency of our fellow citizens on the other side
In short, I hope for an America where neither "fundamentalist" nor "humanist" will be a dirty word, but a fair description of the different ways in which people of good will look at life and into their own souls. 
I hope for an America where no president, no public official, no individual will ever be deemed a greater or lesser American because of religious doubt -- or religious belief. 
I hope for an America where the power of faith will always burn brightly, but where no modern inquisition of any kind will ever light the fires of fear, coercion, or angry division.
I hope for an America where we can all contend freely and vigorously, but where we will treasure and guard those standards of civility which alone make this nation safe for both democracy and diversity. -- Senator Ted Kennedy, Oct. 3, 1983, Lynchburg, VA
HG honors the decades work of Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who died on August 25, 2009 at age 77.

The youngest of Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy's four sons - and eerily - the only one to die of natural causes, Ted Kennedy devoted his entire life to public service and, in doing so, earned the label given to him this morning by President Obama, "the greatest senator of our time."

And how.