15 November 2009


Got home and turned on the news tonight....
CNN's Don Lemon (a good guy!) was discussing SECDEF Robert Gates' decision to keep the torture pictures (from Iraq) that surfaced earlier this year under wraps.

The decision (which was filed Friday, November 13, 2009) essentially ends the debate over whether or not the US Government would be forced to release the pictures to the public, which the ACLU had called for, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The Obama Administration has cited its reasons for keeping the photos classified: "public disclosure of these photographs would endanger citizens of the United States, members of the United States Armed Forces, or employees of the United States Government deployed outside the United States."

And, discussing both sides of the debate, Lemon interviewed someone (sorry, I didn't catch the guy's name at that point) who added that, due to the current world situation (the Ft. Hood trial; the 9-11 trials; the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan operations; and the debate over Guantanamo), releasing the photos adds another level of risk.

Though I agree that these photos should remain shrouded [for now], I was prompted to tweet Don a comment... and, much to my surprise, he read it on the air. This is my (own home-made) video of Lemon reading the tweet on the air: