06 March 2010


The film, For the Bible Tells Me So (2007), looks closely at those passages in the Bible said to be anti-gay. In its documentary approach, the film lends historical background and context, finally, to the long-held myth that being gay is an "abomination," a "choice," and "punishable by death."
Here is Amazon's review of the film:
For the Bible Tells Me So is a compassionate and insightful documentary about the contemporary face of an old conflict between Christian fundamentalists and gay and lesbian people. The film looks deep into the hearts of several families--a few of them quite famous--that have struggled with making sense of having a homosexual son or daughter in the fold. At the same time, For the Bible Tells Me So is a deconstruction of thin arguments that the Bible actually condemns homosexuality in a few passages and through the story of Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction. A number of clerics and scholars explain the cultural and historical context for Old Testament quotes routinely referenced as arguments against homosexuality, and point out translation confusion about the real meaning of the Sodom story. Unquestionably, the most compelling part of the film is its focus on various families, including that of former U.S. presidential candidate Dick Gephardt, who has a lesbian daughter for whose safety he worries. Also among the interviewees is Gene Robinson, a gay man who became bishop of New Hampshire’s Episcopal church in 2004, and his parents, as well as a gay teen whose folks joined him on the front line in protest of their church’s negative stance on gays. Not every story is affirmative: there are tragedies within these tales, too, as well as an indictment of so-called cures that supposedly banish the gay drive from homosexual men and women. Tom Keogh
What this film does not ignore is the fact that this homophobic myth didn't really come into the picture until much later, when modern-day leaders of the church sensed that homosexuality was the perfect target. 

A deep focus on marriage and procreation followed.