18 November 2011


"Well, he read in the strangest way. I mean, I could never read unless I'd have a rainy afternoon or a long evening in bed, or something...
He'd read walking, he'd read at the table, at meals, he'd read after dinner, he'd read in the bathtub, he'd read - prop open a book on his desk - on his bureau - while he was doing his tie. You know, he'd just read in little, he'd open some book I'd be reading, you know, just devour it. He really read all the times you don't think you have time to read...
He was just always reading, practically while driving a car."
- Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, 1964
John F. Kennedy would have loved the iPad. Listen/read the Second Conversation of Mrs. Kennedy's oral history to get a better idea of what I mean. The man not only read frequently; he read multiple books concurrently. Fabulous.

Quotes are excerpted from transcripts of Mrs. Kennedy's interviews with Arthur Schlesinger in 1964. Incidentally, that is the hand of the late Steve Jobs holding the Photoshopped iPad in the JFK picture above.