03 February 2012


In spite of the back flip to reverse its February 1, 2012 decision to cut $650,000 in grants to Planned Parenthood, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has exposed itself as a right wing operation. In doing so, it has damaged its brand... possibly beyond repair.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being political. But they'd be daft if they didn't think there would be ripple effects to their actions - like losing the trust and support of all those donors who believed they were a non-partisan organization.

Donate directly to Planned Parenthood's Breast Health Fund here.

Cancer-Shmancer is another good organization.

UPDATED: 08/09/12 - This is from "Last Word" from 08/08/12 about the recent departures at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Long overdue departures at that: