29 February 2012


LAST UPDATED: 02/29/2016

"Nine years of ballet, asshole!"

That is the biggest, most desperate leap I could think of to honor today. Happy Leap Year February 29, 2012! That is, of course, from "Outrageous Fortune" a fun Bette Midler, Shelley Long 1980s picture.

February 29's are great... they always mean the Summer Olympics and US presidential election are up ahead.

Let the games begin!

UPDATE 02/29/2016 : Here we are again. Another February 29, another Summer Olympics, and another U.S. presidential election on the horizon.

Holy crap. What a difference four years make.

The Zika virus scare - not to mention the polluted water - promises to disrupt the celebration of athletes in Brazil this summer. I believe American Olympians have even been told they may choose to stay home this year. Incredible. Incredibly sad. Hope prospects improve as we approach the Games.
On the U.S. presidential election front... Thankfully, after a slow and rocky start, the Democrats are appearing to have a clear focus now on who is most capable of protecting and building upon President Obama's hard-won agenda... and of minding that torch. It's a pretty great bonus too, that she happens to be Hillary Clinton, who herself brings a formidable track record into the race.

On the GOP side, however, oy! Their front-runner, Donald Trump, is not bothering to mask the fact that he is copying President Nixon's - all whites on deck - playbook. His "silent majority" campaign has become nothing more than a vehicle to stoke fear, hate, and division aimed at disaffected whites. Yes, it worked twice for Dick Nixon. Over 40 years later, I am confident we, in November 2016, will do so much better as a nation.

Once again... Let the games begin!