24 March 2012


This is a gay-themed story/controversy from several years back. However, I've just stumbled upon "Where is Fr. Haley?"
I have to point out that, in her defense of Fr. Haley, the would-be whistleblower purged from the Catholic Church after an attempt to expose a "homosexual priest problem" (ranging from serious to not-so), Ms. Krietzer misses the point entirely with her assessment:
EXCERPT: Since Father's suspension in 2001, he has been an outcast - from his parishioners, his fellow priests, from the life of service he loved. He went from a respected and beloved spiritual father to a homeless vagabond - all for telling the truth - not to the world but to his bishop. I have watched the injustice for almost eight years and can no longer participate in the conspiracy of silence that allows a faithful priest to be a sacrificial lamb instead of the bishop's spiritual son. It is unjust and immoral.
Let me make it absolutely clear that this blog is entirely my doing and I have had no input or encouragement from Fr. Haley. Most of what appears here is a matter of public record that I am gathering in one place. I take full responsibility for the content.
Why am I doing it? Because I love Holy Mother Church who continues to suffer from the cancer of homosexuality, secrecy, and dissent. All three of those things tend to converge in the homosexual priest problem. 
While there are few facts about what happened (or didn't happen), she blames this on homosexuality (which she calls one of the "cancers" on the Holy Mother Church)... which is not the case. 

Homosexuals do not live their lives inside a closet. We have another term for those who do.

The problem (aka cancer, if you want to get dramatic about it) is how repressed upbringings (traditionally tied to religion) appear to facilitate unaddressed self-doubt issues upon adulthood; especially in the areas of sexual orientation and gender identity. And it's this repression of self - gay, straight or otherwise - to which she's actually alluding. And, Heaven knows, religious institutions haven't exactly had the best track record for straightforwardness about simple biology.

The priests' behavior, alleged by Fr. Haley, seems to hint at an underground counter-culture fueled by the repressed backdrop of the Roman Catholic Church.

... but, they're not homosexuals.