21 April 2012


UPDATED: 05/02/12 - Diamond Pet Food Expands Recall
UPDATED: 05/07/12 - Salmonella in dog food sickens 14 people

Sometimes, the quest for maximum profit reveals itself in ways companies never intend...

This month, Diamond Pet Foods, based in Missouri, was forced to announce a "voluntary recall" of its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice dog food because of a salmonella contamination. But, what they don't say on their press release is how this outbreak was caused.

On NPR this morning, it was explained that it had been caused by a leaky factory roof. Apparently, water from the leak dripped into a storage tank and spoiled a rather massive batch of the food.

Of course, this is clearly a pointless (and costly) headache for the emerging natural dog food company. And I am left wondering... for a company that boasts "151 Checks" to ensure complete Quality Control of their product, how does a roof leaking directly above their dog food storage containers go undiscovered to allow such an outbreak? Was it a profit-driven decision to treat a leaking roof as acceptable risk?

I don't know the answers to those question. But this current outbreak is not the first time Diamond Pet Foods compromised pet health. This excerpt is from here:
"In 2005 Diamond Pet Foods, a US pet food manufacturer, experienced a significant rise in the number of corn shipments containing elevated levels of aflatoxin. This mold toxin eventually made it into the pet food supply, and dozens of dogs died before the food could be recalled."
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UPDATE: 05/02/12 - Diamond Pet Foods has expanded their recall to include Diamond Puppy Formula. Please click on the press release link above for the additional recall information.

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As I said... sometimes, the quest for maximum profit reveals itself in ways companies never intend.