13 May 2012


LAST UPDATED: 11/11/15

This post is in celebration of President Barack Obama, who this past week announced his support for the legalization of marriage equality; making it highly likely that Election 2012 will be - partially, at least - a referendum on the Culture War.

The endorsement came just days after Vice President Joe Biden made a similar announcement about marriage equality on "Meet the Press;" and thus may not have been the administration's election year intent.

Now that the announcement has been made; it is our responsibility (along with our allies) to ensure this president's watershed moment also does not result in his electoral defeat in November.

Back in June of 2009, at the very beginning of the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice released a brief in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), by which many in the LGBT community were incensed, with reason. I took another lesson from it.

I believed the DOJ brief was released [on purpose] as a way to expose the work we as a community still needed to do - back in 2009, as seen here: "Guide to Equality in the 21st Centrury."

In that 2009 post, I threw in a "totally imagined statement from President Obama," which is worth repeating here:    
"Okay, LGBT community, it's your turn. You have done your grassroots. You have won several victories on the state level to secure marriage equality. More victories seem likely up ahead. And, in the matter of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," you have managed to win a majority even of conservatives. Yet, there are still Americans who remain unconvinced. 
With this DOJ ruling today, you will find every ridiculous, off-base, unfounded, and downright insulting homophobic attack that your community has encountered through the years. Under today's law, those arguments are not unlike the things you'll hear when other LGBT-related cases come to Washington 

How are you going to change their minds? With a nod to all the work it has taken activists who fought and fight this fight tirelessly; you were a community whose only real desire was - then and today - simply, equality. Our country has come a long way. Your community has come a long way. And now is the time.

We are all created equal. And so, with this DOJ ruling, my fellow LGBT Americans, I am asking you if you are ready to do the necessary work to help me convince the entire country. Are you?" 

So, no matter what happened in the past - or why; it is now clear that we have just the next few months of hard work remaining to ensure that our most powerful straight ally remains in power in order to facilitate and achieve this major leap for the gay rights movement.

With homophobia melting away, it is ours to lose.

UPDATED 05/15/2012 : ...and please check out this fantastic Opinion piece in the New York Times: "The Right's Righteous Frauds" (05/14/12)

UPDATED 11/11/2015 : That's right...

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