23 May 2012


Here is more evidence showing that marketing directly to LGBT consumers has evolved as well and is no longer the scandal-ridden behemoth it once had been.

On the heels of JC Penney's campaign featuring Ellen DeGeneres, the Gap recently unveiled its LGBT-themed ad campaign (showing here):

Granted, some organizations will remain up-in-arms over pro-LGBT marketing campaigns like this. It appears as though their anti-LGBT outrage, however, no longer gains the kind of traction that it once would have gained in the not-too-distant past.

Indeed, as the JC Penney model illustrated, any efforts by anti-LGBT organizations to urge companies to reconsider their LGBT support are falling on deaf ears; while companies receive full-throated support from the community and our allies.

Good on Gap.

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UPDATED: 07/28/12 - Check out this piece from NPR: "Chick-Fil-A Gay Flap A 'Wakeup Call' For Companies"