28 June 2012


UPDATED: 06/30/12
The Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") lives!

Perhaps now we can finally acknowledge the reason this duly passed law had to endure a hearing at the Supreme Court in the first place. Decades from now, we will see that the law works; and we will see that those who did not support it were on the wrong side of history with this one.

Republicans, worry not. There is much room for improvement - like the need for a public option - with which your party may yet get on board.

CNN and FOX... "journalism." Good Lord.

UPDATED: 06/30/12 - Chief Justice John Roberts' majority opinion affirming the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (and its mandate) shows that I was wrong about this Supreme Court, in absolute terms. They do however remain a powerful force on the right; and ought to be recognized for deciding this absurdly contentious case ("Obamacare") quite even-handedly.

It is a sad statement of who we are today that a branch of government is widely anticipated to be up to no good... and hurrah to the Court for taking those allegations by the horns with this decision, and in so doing, help lead the country back on course. 

Now, about Citizens United...