16 July 2012


LAST UPDATED: 07/09/2012
Forget about looking into Governor Mitt Romney’s past. Forget about his ties with Bain Capital. Forget about outsourcing and offshoring. Forget about tax returns. And forget about the phrase “retroactive retirement," whatever the heck it means. Mr. Romney, the “perfectly lubricated weathervane,” has proven time and again that who he is and what he’s done do not matter.

So forget about all of that because it’s simply not the point.

The only way to understand what a Mitt Romney presidency would look like – since the candidate himself hasn’t felt the need to tell us – is to look elsewhere.

Look instead at the wave of Republican governing in the Obama era, specifically in the governors’ mansions (aided of course by their legislative counterparts and the US Congress), to find your answers. And, in doing so, you'll see that these governors have been – for the last three years – pushing a radical agenda in a synchronized swimming routine worthy of Olympic gold: 
What do these have to do with Governor Romney as president?

These governors, lest we forget, are backed by the same entities supporting Mr. Romney. And these are the same entities that foster, fuel and fund the illusion that November's will be just another 50/50 election in a 50/50 nation.

But we are not a 50/50 nation. We haven't been for some time.

The facts cannot be clearer: "moderate" Republicans have been driven into the broader Democratic Party. They did not disappear. Though we are certainly not a 99/1 nation either, the notion of 50/50 doesn't take into account the alienating nature of today's GOP.

This is not a 50/50 nation. And anyone who says we are – including some in the media, who have a financial interest in pretending this is a close race – is lying... Okay, maybe not lying... being deliberately careless.

Remember too that these Republican governors have used the synchronized excuse of fiscal conservatism to justify their scorched earth approach. To them, it’s all allegedly about saving the nation’s money. But it really isn’t; and never has been.

This is our moment," said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to someone he believed was a Koch Industries executive. Whom did he mean by “our?” Himself and who else? Of course he thought he was talking to Mr. Koch; but, his use of “our” seems to allude to a broader group of people – like the other Republican-controlled governors and legislatures across the nation.

So, what’s the end result of all this fiscal conservatism? 
Twelve Red states, 11 of which went Red in 2010, were responsible for almost ¾ of the total public sector job loss in 2011, while sitting on more than $12.5 billion in hoarded state funds. While governors of New Hampshire, Minnesota, Montana, and North Carolina, are all Democrats, the state legislatures are fully Republican controlled. Without these layoffs, economists say, our national unemployment would have been around 7% today. (SOURCE
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a Mitt Romney presidency would look like. When one understands this fact; one will understand too how we haven’t been a 50/50 nation for some time.

Remember, in 2010, so focused were we all on ridiculous candidates like Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle and Joe Miller, that we failed to heed the warning signs about the right's broader radical agenda. As a result, a "shellacking." We never imagined these Republican freshmen were *all* willing to take Speaker Boehner and the House of Representatives over a cliff.

So, let us drop our preoccupation with Mr. Romney (and his vagaries), because we clearly won't get anywhere in that regard. He is the ridiculous candidate du jour.

This election, if allowed to play out with open and honest debate about the direction Republicans are taking this nation, should result in a Walter Mondale-style defeat for Mr. Romney, of whom we know nothing with certitude... except for his name... and even that we know isn't real.

Willard. Really?

UPDATED: 07/19/12 - Here is further proof that the attempt to report the truth behind Governor Romney's past is an exercise in futility. (Although the Los Angeles Times released a well-sourced and damning report about the nascent Bain: here.) In a recent ABC interview, Mrs. Romney confirms, "we've given all people need to know." Well, there you have it.

Move on, "people"... and focus on the policy.