01 September 2012


LAST UPDATED: 10/12/2015
Happy September, and the start of DNC week. Here is a midnight snack just for fun. And there are more videos after the jump...

The Julia Child auto-tune remix is one of the best YouTubes I've come across this year. It was commissioned by PBS to honor "Julia Child" as well as their other classic series, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" with Fred Rogers; and "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross." Perfectly timed too for Ms. Child's 100th birthday. Check out the NPR piece about these remixes (by John Boswell).

Here's the Mister Rogers remix, which is a (hauntingly) beautiful song about thinking and imagination...
"Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?"

And finally, the unforgettable Bob Ross invites us all to paint because as he says, "everyday's a good day when you paint."
"Let's paint a happy little cloud."

Such sweet tributes. Thank you, PBS... and NPR for the hat tip.

Speaking of PBS: their "Broadway or Bust," a 3-part documentary about Rachel Berry types competing in NYC, begins September 9, 2012. That is, for those of you who still get PBS.


UPDATE 10/14/2015 : So they made one for "Reading Rainbow" too! (Released in December 2012).