18 September 2012


I am following a simple plan when it comes to those topless pictures of Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge… I am not going to look at them.

I have a feeling I’m not alone here. I think there are others out there who can't be bothered by those topless pictures. I think there's others still who will, like me, intentionally steer clear. Though a minute minority we may be; I believe we exist nonetheless. 

We live in a world where it’s increasingly important – for those making money off this stuff at least – to be the first, best, fastest, funniest, most re-tweeted. I get it.

But, we do also live in a world where people now believe it is fair game to violate someone’s privacy, for a buck.

And that’s just not cool. It never has been. It never will be.

People made loads of money off of Kate’s mother-in-law while she was with us. Until she was no longer with us.

Princess Diana’s death was completely pointless. And whether or not those photographers played a part in the accident is unimportant. What’s important is the fact that these photographers were there in the first place. Following Diana and Dodi around in some rabid chase... for cash.

Apparently, the photographers are still there… now, with Kate.

This would be sad and baffling, if it weren’t so expected.

Leave them alone already.