25 September 2012


LAST UPDATED: 06/25/2013
"Virginia is one of 16 states that have a history of discrimination and must receive federal approval before changing voting laws.* The states must prove to the federal government that the new statutes would not discriminate against minorities. If McDonnell signs the legislation, the Justice Department will have 60 days to review it. Xochitl Hinojosa, an agency spokeswoman, declined to comment." (SOURCE)
That's from the Washington Post from March 2012.

The Department of Justice ultimately upheld the Virginia law and there is no longer a way for anyone in Virginia to vote without ID. In Virginia, and thanks to the Voting Rights Act (1965), which ensured the DOJ review, it's not as bad as in other states.

In other states, it's a different story. That link is from the Huffington Post. For the non-lefties, read through the Huffington slant (even though he's right)... dig deep and look simply at the facts: 
"In 2011 Republicans gained control of both chambers in 26 state legislatures, with 21 of those states also having GOP governors. Republican-controlled legislatures have passed a wide range of new bills that restrict, rather than broaden, access to the voting rights."

"In 2011 Republicans proposed in more than 30 states laws requiring Americans to possess and show unexpired, government-issued photo identification as a prerequisite to voting."

"This year the Department of Justice has struck down voter-ID laws in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Wisconsin under the Voting Rights Act, which mandates that states with a history of racially discriminatory voting procedures get their laws cleared by the DOJ. But many states either have tougher new laws that disenfranchise voters or are still in the middle of the judicial process that will decide if these laws stand. This uncertainty in the laws around voting rights and requirements creates confusion and doubt and further alienates voters in targeted groups." 
Voter suppression is voter suppression is voter suppression.

"Forward" is the only way to go.

Related: NYU Study on Voter Fraud, excerpted below: 
"Because voter fraud is essentially irrational, it is not surprising that no credible evidence suggests a voter fraud epidemic. There is no documented wave or trend of individuals voting multiple times, voting as someone else, or voting despite knowing that they are ineligible... Most allegations of voter fraud simply evaporate when more rigorous analysis is conducted."

UPDATE 06/25/13: The United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, struck down a significant bit of the 1965 Voting Rights Act [reauthorized by Congress in 2006]. In fact, their decision today makes the introduction to this post inaccurate. The media are pulling their hair out right now over this... fine. The fact is, no one has lost the right to vote. The Supremes simply made it all the more important for you to pay attention, keep paying attention - even on those off years - and cast those votes.. wait... let me try something.
Whether local, regional, state-wide, or federal; 
Be they mid-terms, special ones, or those generals...
All this fuss? A non-issue... if you just go and vote!

It is now up to the Congress to take it up from here. Fantastic.

Roberts...? [head shake]
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