26 December 2012


LAST UPDATED: 10/11/2015

This year's "Best News Photo" goes to basically any photo depicting the tragic Costa Concordia capsizing, which occurred early in 2012... and began a year of stupid.

"Thirty-two people died after [Captain Francesco] Schettino, in a stunt, took the Costa Concordia cruise ship off course and brought it close to the Tuscan island of Giglio on Jan 13. The ship then ran aground and capsized. Schettino himself became a lightning rod for international disdain for having left the ship before everyone was evacuated." (SOURCE)
Senseless, stupid tragedies like the Costa Concordia "stunt" and, very similarly, the mass-shootings that would follow in 2012 in Aurora, Oak Creek, Newtown and Webster - were all avoidable. 

It's only a matter of how much stupid we are willing to accept.

Happy New Year.

And yes, this was really about the stupid mass shootings of 2012. If we don't get gun reform in 2013, after Newtown, we really suck.


UPDATE 10/02/2015 : Here we are, several years after the horrible shooting of little children in Newtown, Connecticut, and on the day after another deadly school shooting, this time in Oregon... and still nothing from our lawmakers to address this problem.

At least we see politicians - especially on the D side of the aisle - stepping up the outrage. This is Secretary Clinton following that live murder of an on-air news team in Virginia. (Click to go into the YouTube page for this video, and you'll find another link to the transcript to President Obama's own strong language at the October 1st news conference following the Oregon massacre.)

The moronic logic behind the "gun rights" lobby.

This Costa Concodia photo: Uaohk GNU Free Documentation License