29 September 2013


LAST UPDATED: 10/09/2013
The House Republicans, mis-guided by the Tea Party's (now - 2015 - "the Freedom Caucus") enduring hatred for President Obama and the country, are serious about pushing America over a cliff with the first Government shutdown since 1995. Remember 1995? It was the last time a popular Democrat was trying to run the country. The Republicans had a national temper tantrum back then too.

There is, however, something much more sinister going on here. Since 2009, the Republican Party has been unmoored. Used and abused by the Bush/Cheney fiasco, instead of much needed self assessment, the party leaders decided to troll for whatever was left - and for that matter whichever interest groups were willing to dole out the cash - for sustenance. But, as our parents warned, we all know what happens when you decide to play with a bull.

So, in honor of this pathetic waste-of-time moment in our history - while the rest of the world is kicking our ass in innovation, sustainability, education, and... common sense, I re-post a letter that was on this site for a few weeks leading up to the 2010 mid-terms.

We now know that the country was asleep for that vote... which has led us directly to this day... and to this shutdown.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED September/October 2010

Dear America:

Can we please send the message to the Tea Party that they do not represent any kind of majority in this country? November... that is our only chance.
Should Tea Party candidates win, believe that the sky will not fall and that life will go on. Because, it will. And, in two years, these Tea Party folks will either earn their re-election... or not.

[2013: With no help from recent Gerrymandering, the Republicans would likely have lost the House of Representatives in the 2012 election. They would certainly lose it if the election were held today.]

Perhaps we get hit with some unfortunate pieces of legislation. Okay, there's the next election to fix that. (I don't think a progressive would ever talk about any kind of "Second Amendment remedies" here, Ms. Angle)

[2013: Who knew they would be willing to take the country to these extremes!]

But, if Tea Party candidates fail in November... What will happen?

Unfortunately, we all can expect the Fox News parade will continue... because the money is endless over there. Rush and Sean and Sarah... they will all still be around. No one elected those guys.
Will they will continue trashing the country? Probably.

Will they continue to trash those elected representatives with whom they disagree...? Repeatedly, for sure.

Will they will blame the voters...? That's a tricky one... but they manage to slip that in too, from time to time.

And will they blame the "lame-stream-media" for being in the fix with the Democrats? Why would they stop now?


I don't think America has the energy or stomach for much more of this.

Let November speak for itself, Fox, Rush, Sean, Sarah... Take the most literal part of our Constitution and let the voters' voice speak for itself.

Now, it is our turn to wake up and see what is at stake, and vote with as much information about each of the candidates as possible. Don't you dare cast a vote without knowing what exactly it is you are advocating.

So, the choice is this: the Tea Party wins in 2010. We must then respect that this is the direction our country has taken... at this particular moment... and we mobilize to change minds... and we hope for the best in future elections.

Or, we wake up and see what is at stake - for real - and we vote.

But really, they may become more dangerous as we approach the big Presidential election of 2012.

It is through defeat that this group finds empowerment.

But not if we call them out before November.

We want the Tea Party, and all other candidates of all parties, to agree that the system works. That the elections determine a clear voice from the people whom they have the audacity to serve. The primaries are essentially over. Now, it is time to mark clearly the ideas and issues at stake. And the outcome must be respected - no matter the outcome - in order for us to move on, as a country.


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Elections matter... or should matter. But these Tea Party "patriots" are showing themselves to be anything but. And now we are seeing exactly what the Tea Party has been willing to do to stop the Obama Agenda, while itself remaining completely free of any new and interesting ideas for the country. Denying the Scientific Revolution is not a platform.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Census of 2010 meant that Republican congressional redistricting (aka "Gerrymandering") ensured that the electoral ramifications of the party's shift to the extreme right-wing would be minimized in the 2012 election.

It is ever so important for concerned citizens to do their part locally now to correct this shift in 2014 and get the House of Representatives back on the right track. Sure, those extreme Tea Party Republicans may be safe in their deeply Republican districts; but they will become increasingly irrelevant as the "blue dog" (moderate) Democrats emerge and fill in the seats of "moderate" Republicans who, with their silence and inaction right now, are just as recklessly complicit as their Tea Party counterparts.

It boils down to this...

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