07 November 2013


So.. whenever a crazy has popped up on my screen - since around 2010 - I've been muting my television.

My sanity was restored when I started muting Parah Salin back then. Gradually, I found it worked just as well on clips of Rimbaugh, Sannity, Geck, Aoulter, and their just-as-whacky elected counterparts... like Raul or Machmann.

(You know who those are.)

I choose not to let any crazy ear worms in. Not when facts are being tossed aside to fit an alternate universe.

Not having to listen to it has been restorative.

But today, my remote ran out of battery, and I accidentally heard a lot of Lush's post-2013-election lamentations, via a clip from Rev Sharpton's program.

Lush was going on about how, through policies over on the left, democrats are, he whines, "forcing society to live a certain lifestyle." (Paraphrased)

Aside from the fact that he is clearly projecting exactly his and his ilk's true objective - to cling to a society that has long ceased to exist, I found that claim to be so outrageous, even for America's Zealot.


Someone ought to show him what forcing really looks like... through the pages history alone:

Water hoses.
Gas chambers.
Long waterless death marches.
Decades of political imprisonment and exile.
Point blank executions.
Forced disappearances.
"Back of the bus!"

That list is irritatingly endless, and keeps a number of human rights organizations very busy. But, rest assured, fair and open elections and duly passed legislation are never going to be on it. In fact, they both represent the absolute opposite of "forcing."

I do love and respect the freedom of speech, and all the responsibility that comes with it. One of those sacred responsibilities is to confront ignorant inciting speech when we encounter it.

This is one of those times. Stop it, Lush.

There, I've replaced the batteries.

Until he stops saying things that *subtract* human intellect, silent Lush is the best kind of Lush there is.